Ren Ceramica

Hi. Ceren here.

I make all ceramics by hand, using damn prehistoric methods.

I have founded Ren Ceramica to touch lives. You will understand what I mean when you touch a Ren product: They are natural, lumpy, have imperfections. They sometimes come in stupid shapes.

When you stare at the fridge after turning in bed for hours, grab a bowl of chocolate flakes in a Ren bowl.

When you enjoy a dinner with friends, have unique plates for each one.

When you have an argument with your partner, pour yourself a drink in a Ren cup, or just get another Ren-something to throw at the bastard :-)

Because I produce for you.
For the ones who laugh, cry, listen, speak or shut up.
For the ones who fall down, get up, fight, win, lose or surrender.
For those who simply live a life.
I produce for you. And I want everyone who touches my products to feel that they are not alone.

We all connect through our imperfections, which is perfect.

I hope you enjoy my products. As you enjoy life with all the lumps and scratches ;-)
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